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As Bill Gates once said, if he were to start all over again he would choose Network Marketing. There are thousands of companies, many of them well-known, using this form of marketing to sell and distribute their products so it is almost impossible to recommend any one of them. It all depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

However, there is one which we have chosen which seems to provide the perfect combination of Wealth and Health. Company growth, size and reputation are the parameters we have used to come up with this particular choice. LifeVantage is completely transparent as it is publicly traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange so it has to publish all of its plans and financial results.

LifeVantage also has a choice of different product groups which will help you to find one which appeals now but then allows you to transition and grow into different segments. The Company is also expanding into many different countries offering you the possibility of building a truly global business. Watch the video to the end and then visit their website. They have some of the best business training material in the NM segment.



For more information to join LifeVantage and/or purchase products, please visit LifeVantage