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The Fear Factor

Facing my upcoming 75 birthday, I began to reflect on my life and in particular what has and hasn’t happened. As if the “Power of Attraction” really works, with handy in hand, I was suddenly watching motivational videos on YouTube from people like Oprah Winfrey and Wayne Dyer.



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So you have been thinking about starting your own business, and/or creating some sort of income on the side, and you have been browsing around the Web gathering information about what might be possible.

You have come across a whole list of people who have YouTube channels, explaining how easy it …

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The Internet is overloaded with ways to earn money online. This is not surprising as the sharks circle around people looking for the latest get-rich-quick “opportunity”. The problem is these are mostly schemes themselves preying on those dreaming of becoming rich without having to work for it.

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Becoming a millionaire cannot be something which is absolutely impossible. According to Wikipedia at the end of 2018 there were 11 million USD millionaires just in the United States.
Did they all just get lucky? Of course not. The vast majority of them had a plan, made a decision and then comm…

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Who wouldn’t like to be a millionaire? Somewhere we have all had that dream at some point in our lives. Probably when we have read or heard the stories of those who have already made it.
But the first question is: What is a millionaire? Is it someone who earns a million in income or is it…

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The Fear Factor

Facing my upcoming 75 birthday, I began to reflect on my life and in particular what has and hasn’t happened. As if the “Power of Attraction” really works, with handy in hand, I was suddenly watching motivational videos on YouTube from people like Oprah Winfrey and Wayne Dyer.


Motivation is a big business and every promoter has their own personal take on the subject which can stretch from the “Power From Within“ to the “Power of the Universe”. Of course, these presentations can be very entertaining and in many cases very uplifting. But my question is, how come we never get to exercise and achieve these fantastic ideas?


Here is a list of some of the common reasons we give:


  • Life gets in the way

  • Just couldn’t find the time

  • My situation just doesn’t allow it

  • I am forced to think about the people around me

  • Routine!

  • Couldn’t get the support of my family/friends


Sometimes this might even lead to frustration and dissatisfaction but for some reason we never get to implement things which might be better for us and ultimately better for our direct environment. Why is this?



Why is it in spite of a huge wellness and dieting industry, collectively we are getting fatter and sicker every year? How is it possible the richer are getting richer and the poorer getting poorer year after year? Even though there are thousands of gurus explaining in great detail how we can all make extra income?



The answer is clearly - motivation! So the motivation industry might be very uplifting and entertaining but it would appear to miss one key component - motivation. If they had the “key” to motivation maybe a change would occur.



In many cases, they provide a step-by-step action plan on how to change your life and personal circumstances. What is often missing is the “kick in the butt” to get you going. Good intention is not motivation. They are missing the most powerful motivator which is fear.



In fact, fear has been the cause of almost all the good and bad things which have inflicted mankind from day one. Even things which are seen as being positive often have their origin in fear. Yesterday, I was watching a documentary about the NASA Apollo space program and all of the good things which mankind has been subsequently able to benefit from. What people forget is that NASA (and the “landing on the moon project”) was born out of the fear that the Russians were ahead in the race to space after the Sputnik launches. The fear of being left behind.



The best product sales strategies will present the benefits you will enjoy if you buy the product. The motivation to buy, however, is the fear of not enjoying these benefits if you don’t buy. This is why we are often presented with the “before and after” scenario.


Most of us drive a car. We do that to get from A to B. All cars can do that. So why do some of us drive a 15-year old broken-down Chrysler costing $5.000 and others a brand new Mercedes costing $100.000? The reason is fear. The main fear is what others might be thinking about us - our image! Another fear is that maybe the Chrysler is not as reliable.



Why do countries, like the USA, spend billions upon billions on weapons of war? Why has the world accumulated more than 14,000 nuclear weapons? Because we need them? The only reason is fear. Not to say this is a bad thing as currently we have the longest period of time in modern history without a global war. All based upon fear of what our perceived enemies might do!.



So fear is the origin of motivation both in things large and small. In your personal life and in the global community. So what would happen if we started to base our own decisions on an understanding of fear? (This is not true) but if I were to tell you that consuming more than 25 grams of sugar every day will kill you within 12 months, what would you do? Which emotion (motivation) would your decision/response be based upon?



Even if you were a strict opponent of any kind of gambling, including The Lottery, but I told you I had the seven numbers for the lottery next week including the Super Number, what would you do? Would you stay true to your conviction or spend the $1? What about the fear that I might be right? The fear of losing out?



What if you applied the same fear to change your life and reach the goals which you secretly want? These probably include happiness, good health, financial success and self-esteem. Not that motivational “feel good” emotional feeling after one of Oprah’s talks where she is trying to sell you one of her books, but a real fear of loss type of emotion?



This process is not easy and should be mainly applied to those events and decisions which are truly life-changing. A good example is your health. The vast majority of people in the Western World take their health for granted and never even consider that their body is the most incredible creation known to man. In fact, it is not a creation, it is a miracle. That from one egg and one sperm the most complex structure on the planet can develop is not something we even stop to think about. But we should.


People are more concerned with the maintenance of their car than the maintenance of their own body. How crazy is that? You can always change your car, and probably have many times, but you cannot change your own body. It is the only one you have until you die.



Why do people spend a fortune on smoking cigarettes in exchange for the loss of 10 years of their life, not to mention the financial and health damage it causes to themselves and their families? I have never smoked. The reason is I was exposed at an early age to a live comparison between the lungs of a smoker and a non-smoker after death. The fear factor is fairly obvious. To stop people smoking I would expose them to smokers who are dying an excruciating death from lung cancer and not just seeking to sell them anti-smoking pills on a promise.



When it comes to our body, we are confronted almost daily with schemes on how we can lose weight and burn off that excess fat. The selling arguments are based on how we look, not on the real health risks. The result? Western nations are getting fatter by the day and it has already become the biggest health risk facing our society. Diabetes 2 has reached epidemic proportions and the main cause is being overweight.



So what caused me to put myself on a program to get rid of all my excess fat and take better care of my body? It was certainly not the idea that I could get back the body of my youth and show it off on the beach! It was the cardiovascular problems I started to suffer from and my grandchildren who began to appear! I started to calculate when I might die and how much time I still need to experience things like their graduation and maybe their kids (my great grandkids!).



This is motivation based on pure fear. Fear that I might not be here long enough to be part of their lives and the lives of my other family members. Of course, we never know exactly how and when we are going to leave this planet but what I do know is what the scientific community has proven to be true. Fat kills and I would like to avoid that if at all possible. I will realize a bunch of other benefits which are for me an extra bonus but the motivation to make a choice and a decision was based on fear.



In future articles, I will be dealing at greater length on the four most important elements of your life - health, wealth, happiness and self-esteem - and will go into more length how to implement strategies and plans in these areas and how you can use fear as the motivating factor to take action.



After all, you only have one life and it is almost an obligation that you make the most of it, for yourself and the people around you.

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